Grading Policy
Fall Semester 2012
Professor M. Sajstein Alam
Oct 21 12




Computer Science


Atmospheric Sciences


Fall 2012 Calendar


Grading Policy


There will be three or four homeworks for this part. They will all be programming homeworks. Each homework is graded out of 100 points. All homeworks must be submitted on the due date. Homeworks will accepted during the week without penalty. Homeworks may be submitted up to two weeks late, but you lose 5 points for each week that you are late


The final grade will be made up of three parts with the following weights:

i) Programming Homeworks 40 %

ii) Quizzes 15%

iii) A Midterm 20 %

iv) Final Exams 25 %

Both exams are cumulative.


The total grade will be out of 100. The policy for letter grades is presented below:

Only about 20% of the class will receive "A". The grade point median will be chosen to correspond to the boundary between "B" and "B-". Less than 40% is considered as failing. Typically a grade point average about 90% will earn an "A".

All programming homeworks have to be submitted and both exams attempted to get a passing grade. Also attendance in class is strongly urged. From my past experience, I have found out that students often miss classes and complain that I havenít covered topics I asked about in exams. I normally donít ask questions on topics not covered in class. From time to time, I will ask you to read material I will not be covering in class. You will also be responsible for this material in exams. Each homework will be graded on the basis of 100 points.


I would like homeworks to be neat. They should be properly stapled. Each homework should have name, social security number and date clearly marked at the top right-hand corner. Remember, the grading level for any homework is set by the best student. Always sit down and think for a few minutes how the material should be presented so that the grader may not have to struggle with the exact meaning of the presentation. Remember, in real life we all have to learn to sell our ideas to our fellow beings to make a living. Of course, I assure you that I will be reasonable and rational at all times.